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Co-Sponsorship of Joint Networks

Purdue Student Government Co-Sponsorship of Joint Networks funds student organizations at amounts between $500 and $2500 and works closely with student organizations to plan and audit their event. Co-Sponsorship of Joint Networks are debated and voted on during biweekly Senate meetings. Following a monetary award, two PSG representatives will be in regular contact with the student organization to provide any support they might need. Student Organizations should apply for a Co-Sponsorship of Joint Networks 4 weeks prior to their event and 2 weeks prior to the next Senate meeting.

Co-Sponsorship Award

Purdue Student Government Co-Sponsorship Awards help your student organization put on a great event by providing up to $500 in funding for common expenses. Co-Sponsorship Awards come in 4 flavors: Equipment Awards cover necessary products, apparel, advertising or additional items required to carry out the event; Food Awards cover food purchases up to $10 per person; Travel Awards supplement transportation and lodging expenses; Space Awards help with costs related to reserving venues and arranging seats. Recipients of these awards are decided at monthly meetings chaired by the PSG Treasurer so please apply at least four weeks in advance of your event.

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